We first saw this gazebo in our local Costco and instantly fell in love with it!

– Here’s another backyard story we’d like to share.

We first saw this 12 x 12 gazebo in our local Costco and instantly fell in love with it.

We were getting ready to design a new pool in our backyard and I thought this would make a perfect addition. A few months after we ordered this gazebo it was time to build it.

The Instructions are easy to follow, and their online video definitely helped on a few occasions as well. I built this myself over a week span after work, I did need assistance on raising the roof pieces, but even then it went together smoothly.

I knew from the beginning we would be adding some features to this gazebo after the pool was finished, and every time we add something new it just looks better and better! All in all this gazebo is not only well engineered, but looks FANTASTIC! I hope it last for years in our HOT Arizona weather.

Yardistry also has Amazing Customer Service! This gazebo needed its own permit in our city, and our city required load limits and so many details it blew my mind. I though we might be in trouble as these specs were not listed on the website. I emailed customer service and got all the answers I needed the very next day!

Then as I was building I noticed I was missing several pieces due to one of the boxes was ripped during transit. Again emailed Yardistry and told them I was completing the build the next weekend. The parts were shipped from Canada and were on my doorstep in four days!

Customer Service plays a huge part in my book and let me tell you, Yardistry is top notch for Customer Service.