Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase directly from Yardistry?

Yes, Yardistry does offer direct sales.

Does Yardistry offer installation?

Yardistry does not offer installation services. As a service to our customers we do maintain a list of installers. While we are happy to offer these suggestions, we do not endorse nor guarantee the workmanship of such recommendations.

Can my Gazebo be secured to a concrete slab or deck?

Yardistry incudes Post Mounts with our structures which gives you the flexibility to permanently install your structure to a pre-existing or new wood or concrete surface.

  • The hardware to attach the Post Mount to the structure is included.
  • The hardware to mount the structure permanently will need to be purchased separately at your local hardware store.

What do I need to do to protect/maintain the wood on my product?

We recommend applying a water sealant approximately 3 months after assembly and on a yearly basis after that. This will help maintain the wood and protect against weathering.
Please note: We do not recommend using an oil based product.

Parts arrived damaged, how can I get replacements?

Yardistry will certainly process a parts replacement request for you as soon as possible. You can fill out the online parts request form here: Parts Replacement

Call Customer Experience at 1-888-509-4382  /  Email:

Does Yardistry sell replacement parts?

We do offer quotes for replacement parts for our customers who had damages that are not covered under warranty. We unfortunately do not sell additional parts.

Where can I find the instruction manual online?

We have all the instruction manuals on the product page. If you have an older structure you can locate here

What is the warranty?

Yardistry warrants that our products are free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. See the instruction manual for full warranty details.

Tracking Number Search

Below is our Manufacturer’s Tracking Number Search, this search will let customers know where and when your product was manufactured.

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