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Yardistry manufactures innovative projects that provide creative solutions to traditional landscape elements such as rooms, privacy, seating and entry. Engineered from durable tight knotted exterior grade Cedar and finished with a premium water-based stain.

Customer Testimonials

Well Made and Attractive

We purchased our Gazebo from Costco in anticipation of constructing it at a new property. We kept it stored for several months and moved it with us from Bend, OR to Boise, ID. Once we relocated to Boise, we had a concrete slab and other concrete work done as we designed our backyard with the Gazebo in mind. It took two of us approx. 40 man-hours to complete. It was not too difficult but the instructions left us guessing at times.

- Stan

Boise, ID

Excellent value, unmatched fit and finish, terrific support!

We have installed the 12X14 Yardistry Gazebo on out expanded back patio area. Due to the incredible quality, fit and finish of the Gazebo, we completely remodelled our back yard so we now have our own little piece of paradise only feet away from our sliding glass door. With the help of my lovely wife, we assembled the Gazebo roof sections in the garage and ultimately erected the structure over the course of a weekend.

- Mark & Kathy Nicholson

Redding, California


We re-did a lot of our back yard making this structure the focal point. Ran a natural gas 100ft from the meter for a firepit and a natural gas grill. I poured over 10 yards of concrete for a pathway and pad for the structure.The project is coming along. Looks awesome! Still much to do. I would highly recommend this structure for anyone who is a DIYer.

- Ross

Fresno, CA

Great Gazebo, Looks like its going to be a wonderful summer.

This Gazebo is excellent. The instruction, video and your help desk was super, couldn't ask for more. I will say this was not an easy task. This project took about 40 to 50 man hours to complete. I'm no Bob the builder, but you need to be handy before attempting this Gazebo challenge. The key to this project is making sure its levelled and that the measurements are on point. The end result is a beautiful Gazebo. Looking forward to a wonderful summer this year.

- Eddy

Staten Island, NY

Excellent quality!

I installed it in the back of my house and it was very easy to do it. It's the favorite part of the house because I make the BBQ!

- Vicente Virgilio

Orlando, Florida

Pleased despite some challenges

Bought and installed in 2017. Bought 2 units and installed them back to back to create a 12 x 28 ft structure. Assembled the units over 2.5 days with 4 talented and handy people. Had a stone gas fireplace installed as well as had the posts clad with masonry also. Electrician ran power and data for tv, and ceiling fans. Wanted to post to serve as inspiration for others. My lousy neighbour called the City on me and sure enough in my jurisdiction this project needed not only building permits but also a zoning clearance certificate. I was able to get all of them finalized after it was already constructed. We are enjoying the gazebos immensely! It is essentially an outdoor room that has been created for a fraction of the price.

- Doug

Greater Toronto Area

Great product for the outdoors

We love being outside, day or night, summer winter and this allows it all

- Doug

Strasburg, Virginia

LOVE this Counter/Bar

After getting our gazebo assembled we decided it would be nice to have a counter/bar for serving food as to not clutter up the table when we dine. It was easy to assemble, the directions were very good and we are very satisfied with this purchase and will enjoy it for years to come. FYI: We did have to stain everything to match our Home Owners Associations regulations so that's why it is darker than shown in the advertising pictures.

- Jay

Reidville, SC

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