Fantastic In Every Way!

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Maryland.
I built a stand alone hot tub deck and planned it out to accommodate the 10 x 10 Meridian Gazebo.
It has worked perfectly. The gazebo was was nicely packed, all the parts were there, and even included a few extra screws and bolts. The instructions are decent, but the video online is extremely helpful to fill in information gaps. I built it and my wife helped me put the roof on. This is a minimum two adult job to fully assemble the roof. The more hands the better, but it can be done with two people. So far, the quality of the gazebo is top notch.
We have crazy winds here sometimes and it has not budged (properly secured to the deck). Also, when we purchased, Yardistry didn’t make 10 foot shelf option, so I bought the 12 foot shelf and cut it down to size to fit. The stain color is slightly different, but we’re ok with that. We love our little oasis!