The Tools You Need To Build Your Yardistry Product

Have you ever wondered what tools are required to build a Gazebo? Well look no further.
Make sure you have access to all the tools you need before you get started building your Yardistry project. That way you can get started right away and work without interruptions. Building a Yardistry product is perfect for the DIYer or someone looking for a simple and satisfying weekend project.

All Yardistry products require the basic tools shown below.

  • Tape Measure
  • Carpenters Level
  • Standard or Cordless Drill
  • Claw Hammer
  • 7/16” & 9/16” Wrench
  • 8’ Step Ladder
  • Safety Glasses
  • Adult Helper
  • Safety Gloves
  • Hard Hat
  • 6’ Step Ladder x 2
  • Square
  • Rachet
  • 7/16, 1/2 & 9/16 Socket
  • #2 Phillips Bit or Screwdriver

The exact tools you need for each product can be found in the Instruction Manual for that product. Keep in mind that this information can be subject to change.

Here's just a few customer installation photos, to give you an idea of what's in store for you.

If your not the DIY type, don't worry you can always hire help. A quick search in your local area will most likely result in a company such as

Our company has assembled and installed 10+ of the cedar gazebo w/metal roof in the last two months!

I want to give compliments to Yardistry Structures for such a great product with quality hardware and accurate cuts/pre-drill/extra parts and great diagrams on the installation instructions.

Every customer has been thrilled with the final product, in fact one customer went and bought a 2nd set for a side by side setup!!!

Thank you again for a great product at a great price!

I get calls every time you ship sets to Southern California and it's greatly helped our business grow!

Sincerely, John Schleis iAssemble Anything Redlands, CA


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