When we saw this gazebo, our imaginations were off to the races!

We are avid outdoor people and we love our beautiful backyard.

The problem was we had no way to enjoy it when the weather was uncooperative. When we saw the 12 x 16 gazebo, our imaginations were off to the races.

At first, it was our long dreamed-about outdoor bedroom looking out onto our beautiful deck, koi pond/fountain and yard with beautiful flowers. We added a few things, like putting it on pillars, adding a ceiling fan, infrared heaters, a TV on a telescoping arm, track lights, etc. Then we discovered that it was also converted into a great place to entertain and have dinner gatherings. Well, we loved it so much, we decided to buy a second gazebo to use for entertaining dinner guests and include a built in bar. We are so excited.

The Yardistry gazebos have completely transformed our home and our lives.