Solid, attractive, well thought out with excellent instructions

– Here’s a backyard story from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
My comments will be similar to all of the other positive ones. I am not a tradesman, just a DIY’er homeowner.Β Very attractive fixture and extremely well made and solid.

The instructions were spot on. At one point I needed clarification on one small step, went to online video, cleared it right up. Packaged well, every piece marked with numeral, all hardware present.

Fun to assemble. Follow the manual. A few times I somewhat questioned the order of some steps, but turn the page and it’ll make sense. There’s not one single step that I would change, or word differently.

Besides the final piece going on, the biggest milestone during the build will be when you remover the protective film from the last side, of the last metal piece. Wow, but you’ll be glad it was there to protect the panels.

This is a very pretty Pavilion, and I’m beyond pleased with the outcome.