Fun Weekend Project For The Whole Family

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This is a great product that can be put together by anyone who is relatively handy and able to follow instructions. I am a lawyer without any construction experience, and my two teenage boys only have experience killing zombies.

However, I am relatively handy, can build IKEA furniture, and have an above average ability to read and follow instructions.

Together we were able to put this thing together without any problems. We built it over three partial weekends.

We only needed an extra two pairs of hand on the second to last day for the roof raising.

We built this over an outdoor bar and BBQ island that no one ever hung out around, because the sun was too brutal. Now it is where everyone wants to be.

This weekend I am installing ceiling fans, bistro lights, and a flat screen TV. I could not be happier.

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This sounds very much like what we’ve been doing! Curious, do you have any pointers for a quicker/easier way to remove the plastic covering from the metal roofing material? The green covering is much easier to peel off. The clear is giving us quite the fight. With 16 “sides” to remove, it’s taking so much time! Would love feedback!

Yardistry Customer Support

Hello Bernadette,
It does take a little a bit of time to remove the plastic. The plastic is on the panels to protect them from scratching during shipping. We recommend to peel the plastic by pulling slowly at an edge (to avoid breaking) and rolling the plastic with your fingers towards the middle of the panel.-The Yardistry Customer Experience Team-


Is there cement underneath the pavers? if sand, how did you anchor?

Heather Gikes

Please refer to your local building and city codes, ordinances, neighborhood covenants regarding guidance on acceptable installation requirements.
The Yardistry Customer Experience Team

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