Added A Fan To Our Gazebo

Added A Fan To Our Gazebo

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from New Jersey.

This gazebo fits perfect into my landscaping being it is made of wood. I did not want a gazebo made of metal.

This gazebo is nice and I only wish I had ordered the 12 x 14.

I do recommend this gazebo if your looking for one made out of wood. I did however build and add my own fan to this gazebo which really makes a difference in this hot weather we are experiencing.

*Disclaimer, modifying the original design may void the warranty.

Love The Louvers!

Love The Louvers!

– Here’s a backyard story from Binghamton, NY.
We bought the Wood Room with Louvered Roof last spring, after searching for several years for the right thing to cover our deck.

We wanted something to keep the sun and rain out and not have water flow towards the house when it rained.

This was a perfect fit for us! We can open the louvers to let the sun in, or close them to keep the afternoon sun or rain out.

Also, the gutter system, goes around the whole pergola and flows out the front legs so no water flows by the foundation.


The pergola really has given us the ability to enjoy our deck all year round, even in the rain.

We replaced our old fire-pit with a Gazebo

We replaced our old fire-pit with a Gazebo

So, we wanted to replace our old fire-pit with a Gazebo.

I first purchased one from a different (cheaper) manufacturer mainly due to the fact that Gazebos were out of stock everywhere.

Well, that one was delivered with 2 busted posts which looked like someone drove forklifts through. After returning that one, I found the Yardistry Carolina Pavilion from Solar Town and purchased it. Wow, am I glad I returned the first one and got the Yardistry.

It was delivered, nice and tidy, on a shrink wrapped pallet.
It is VERY well made and sturdy. The instructions are very well scripted and the HELPFUL HINTS video was… well, very helpful.


Take the time and make SURE everything in square.

If I had to pick one “gripe” it would be that a couple of boards came a little warped and made it a little challenging to square the roof panels, but we got it.

My wife and I put this together with a total on 19 hours. Mainly after I came home from work and a friend came over to assist with the roof installation.

In all, we are VERY happy with the Yardistry Carolina Pavilion!

Cheers to a good product, Yardistry !

Just Do It!

Just Do It!

– Here’s a backyard story from Ottawa, Canada.

We bought this 12 x 12 Wood Gazebo in June 2021, after trying to find the perfect alternative that would provide us with great privacy. We live in the suburbs and it seems through the pandemic, we are all enjoying our backyards more and more.

I bought the screen kit AFTER purchasing and installing the bar. I panicked, as I was told that the screen and bar are not compatible. We figured that the screens were already en route so would try them nonetheless. We had nothing to lose.

I have to tell you that the only thing is that the screen sits about an inch higher on the bar side. I haven’t had any problems with mosquitos – and trust me when I say that this was the other reason I wanted a screen. I react super badly to bites, so wanted to be able to sit out without getting attacked. Even though the screen sits higher, it really hasn’t been an issue at all, MUCH TO MY ELATION!

We also purchased gazebo lights from Costco and they fit perfectly. We had to play with how we hung them with the curtains, but after doing some quick math, were able to hang them to look just right.

This collection is amazing value for money. We did put in the work to build and install, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. The product sells itself and has quickly become a three-season room for me. I telework, so this is also my home office during the summer… Our little slice of heaven.

DON’T EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT BUYING THEM! Some reviews spooked us a bit and made us second guess whether or not we would have problems with it. Even through some boards were warped, they evened out as soon as we installed them exactly as explained in the instructions and online video tutorials. Take your time and you will be fine.


P.S. My husband also screened in the gap above the screened area. Very easy to do and is overkill to be honest.

Create Your Outdoor Oasis

Create Your Outdoor Oasis

– Here’s a backyard story from Schoolcraft, Michigan.

Due to our patio being on the hot, sunny west side of our home, we have not been able to enjoy it for 17 yrs.

I became aware of the Yardistry 12′ x 16′ gazebo and began my outdoor oasis project.

This unit is well-engineered and beats any comparable project hands down! Excellent quality can be seen throughout and pricing was incredible!

We have added things like the privacy wall, wood counter, and a couple of bamboo curtains for added shade.

Given the rest of the furnishings, we now have an outdoor oasis that is bringing us a lot of pleasure. There is only one word for your backyard oasis

Outdoor living just got a lot better!

Outdoor living just got a lot better!

– Here’s a backyard story from Spencer, Massachusetts.
We bought this gazebo in April after looking at many others, so we felt that we were making a good choice.

We are both 70 + years old and we’re little overwhelmed when we opened the packaging but immediately went to the directions and followed them step by step.

Great directions!

It took us several days to complete construction and we needed to get our two sons to help to install the ceiling panels but all went well. It only took an hour to get the 4 panels in place. We love
it and couldn’t be happier with the superior quality of our gazebo.

A great add-on

A great add-on

– Here’s a backyard story from Montreal Quebec.
We bought the 13 x 11 Wood Room With Louvered Roof from Costco and customized it for our deck.

Nice product easy to install, just be careful to leave some space for the Bar tops.

*Note. This customer modified the Yardistry 12 ft bar counter to fit the 13 x 11 Louvered Room. Modifying your Yardistry product may void the warranty.
Currently we do not sell a bar accessory that fits the 13 x 11 Louvered Room.


Excellent and fast customer service

Excellent and fast customer service

– Here’s a backyard story from New Jersey.

Bought this from Costco and there was 3 pieces missing. Best customer service! Responded to me on a Sunday!

Ordered and had our missing pieces on Wednesday.
It turned out better than we had ever hoped.

Thank you Yardistry.

*Disclaimer, modifying the original design may void the warranty.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Outdoor Living Room

Tips For Creating The Perfect Outdoor Living Room

– Here’s a guest post from Furniturebox (an online furniture business)

Our gardens are a patch of green we can enjoy all to ourselves — and creating the perfect outdoor living space is an opportunity to make yourself comfortable, ready to celebrate with friends and family.

Particularly during the pandemic, our garden space has served as a much-needed solace from the confines of lockdown. They have become outdoor living rooms that extend the boundaries of our home.

Thankfully, all it takes is a little know-how and some planning skills to turn your garden into a paradise in time for summer. In this article, we reveal the following tips and tricks that can help you create your perfect outdoor living space:

  • Choose complimentary garden furniture ideas
  • Break up your garden space with levels and boundaries
  • Illuminate your outdoor living space with warm lighting

Ready to start planning for those warm summer months? Read on as we help you create the perfect outdoor living room to fit your requirements and personal taste.

Choose complimentary garden furniture ideas

When creating the perfect outdoor living room, it’s important to complement your indoor living space by extending the interior decor into the garden.

How do you do this? Well, it’s a tricky balance to get right. Go too far and you risk losing the natural beauty of your garden — but do too little and you lose the comfortability and functionality that goes hand-in-hand with creating a great living room.

Armchairs, rugs, and cushions all go a long way to spruce up your garden without completely taking over. Here are some more garden furniture ideas for your outdoor living room:

  • Bean bags & throws: to create a cosy reading corner in the shade
  • Extendable dining table: to make space for family meals in the sun
  • Foldable sun loungers: to soak up the sun and evoke a sense of holiday
  • Parasol or wooden gazebos: to create some shade in a sun-trapped garden

Wooden gazebo aside (which is a more permanent fixture), flexibility is a big part of choosing complimentary garden furniture. The option to chop and change with foldable, extendable, and temporary furniture means you can tailor your outdoor living room for different needs and the ever-fluctuating weather conditions.

Break up your garden space with levels and boundaries

Feel like your garden is a little flat and dull? The perfect outdoor living room should look the part as well as being functional. We all love to look out on our garden and see a reflection of what you’ve built.

Breaking up the space with levels and well-defined boundaries is a great way to add some design and character to your garden — and how you go about this is totally up to you. Some people like to build steps and stone walls; others use greenery such as hedges and tall, airy plants to segment the garden.

Remember to work with existing level changes in your garden rather than trying to flatten it out. After all, there is perfection in imperfection. The idea of a continuous garden extenuating space is a myth. This is achieved by creating a journey in and around your outdoor living room, embracing divots and breaking things down into small spaces.

Illuminate your outdoor living room with warm lighting

The right lighting can help perfect your outdoor living room. After all, the sun is only out for so long and you likely want to keep the party going or read a book in the evening air. Without good lighting neither of these scenarios are possible.

There are many ways to illuminate your garden during the evening, but warm, low light is the best way to create a cozy atmosphere that avoids contributing to light pollution in your area. Here are some garden light ideas for your outdoor living room:

  • Fire-pit: open fire for natural illumination and warmth in the evening
  • Pendant lights: wide hanging bulbs that add striking volume
  • Candles & lanterns: asymmetrical lighting for a bohemian charm
  • Connectable fairy lights: wired whimsical light to wrap around hedges

Lighting can be a tricky fitting to get right, but so long as you don’t go over the top and keep things natural, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect outdoor living room.

The perfect outdoor living room is in the eye of the beholder, but use these tips and you’ll maximize your creative instincts. From complimentary furniture and warm lighting to breaking up the continuous space with borders and levels — this is the foundation for creating a fantastic outdoor living area in time for summer.