Very Pleased that I bought the Carolina Pavilion!

– Here’s a backyard story from Albuquerque, New Mexico

First off… I Love 💕 this Carolina Pavilion! It has made a Huge difference in the yard, and I feel as if I have added a whole new living space to my home overall.

Everything is pretty much complete here, but let me show you what it looked like before!

The Pavilion is very well built and sturdy! The instructions were well put together, and the Helpful Tips Video was a big help. I was able to do most of the work myself, but I needed help to set up the columns, and to put the roof in place.


The old Redwood Deck in the backyard finally just had to GO!

It was just before the beginning of Spring 2021 in Albuquerque, and the old Redwood Deck in the backyard finally just had to GO!  I mean, it was looking pretty old when I moved back in 1998, and at this point it had endured more face lifts than I can remember.

We were down to nothing but dirt, rocks and a few ancient railroads ties. The yard was looking Butt ugly (and the Dog was not happy!) I really didn’t want another deck and all the maintenance that seems to go with it.

It is a good idea to do an inventory with a count of the parts, and to be certain that you are using the “correct” screws at specific points. Some screws are very similar, but slightly different.

The below photo illustrates the pre-planning for that operation. Make sure to use the proper outdoor-rated Romex and underground electrical PVC. I drilled through the wall of the house to tie into an unused outlet in my Living Room.

A bit of pre-planning really helps. I had to figure out what to do with all the excess dirt, where to place the pavilion, and how to optimize The patio space as much as possible. (I had to put on my Designer pants)

There was an excess of the most basic wood screws that hold the structure together, but the Pan Heads are cosmetically more important, and a lot of them are not used until you are almost finished with the final steps.

The Taiwanese characters I mounted on a separate piece of Cedar almost look like they came with the pavilion. (Translated, top-to-bottom…Long Life, Double Happiness, Good Fortune, and Prosperity)

I was very pleased to find that the columns have a hollow center (until you reach the top where it is very solid), and I was able to run an electrical line up the center of one column and install an outdoor outlet near the top to plug in my lighting and anything else I might want to power.

As you can see our Dog 🐕 is Much happier now too!


Great gazebo. Well done!

Great gazebo. Well done!

– Here’s a backyard story from Lawrence, Kansas.

Great engineering. Everything fit perfectly. Love that every piece is numbered. Love that all the hardware was in separate marked bags.

The only way to screw this up is not follow the directions. Which I assume the bad reviews did not follow directions well.

I do have a novice construction background.

It will take several people when you do the roof!
Well Done Yardistry.

We love our Pavillion

We love our Pavillion

– Here is a backyard story from Zionsville, IN.

I purchased the Carolina Pavilion in March for a spring project. We stained it to match our house and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

At our last home we had built a pergola but wanted something with a roof this time, where we could sit out and stay dry. We added lighting and a fan and it is perfect. Thanks so much for providing such a great and well built product at a great price.

3 Steps To Turn Your Garden Into A Birdwatching 🐦 Haven

3 Steps To Turn Your Garden Into A Birdwatching Haven

Whether you’re a young hobbyist trialing new binoculars or veteran birder hibernating over winter months, birdwatching in your garden provides a snapshot of nature from the comfort of home.

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

Your yard has the potential to be a rich biome for local birdlife to flourish and thrive. From common sparrows nesting in your trees to solitary woodpeckers banging their bills against the bark, given the right steps, you can turn your garden into a birdwatching haven, without taking away from your personal outdoor oasis.

I’m In Love! 
Pictured here is the 12 x 12 Wood Gazebo

In this article, we explore how to attract birds into your garden and advise on getting the best view from your armchair in five simple, yet effective steps. Read on.

Wow birds with natural feeding spots and juicy mealworms

Providing food and nourishment is a great way to attract birds into your garden.

Some birds forage for seeds, berries, and nuts; others are insectivores who hunt for worms, bugs, and larvae. Different birds eat different things, making it important your garden caters to all dietary requirements if you want to see a healthy range of species.

There are many ways to promote feeding in your garden. Here’s our advice:

Firstly, encourage a natural lunch with organic feeding spots. Promoting natural foraging and feeding is one of the best ways to get local birdlife to call your garden their home. Planting berry bushes and fruit trees are great for providing seasonal nutrition, and ivy is a breeding ground for insects, which also sprouts late winter fruit for year-round sustenance. Moreover, planting an array of nectar-rich flowers attracts a range of insects, ideal for insectivores and grub-hungry chicks in the spring.

Secondly, supplement feeding spots with a bugtastic buffet. As the months grow cold, natural feeding spots become hard to find. For natural insectivores, this is a problem as they require access to bugs and the essential protein they provide, especially during winter. Using a mealworms bird food feeder is a way to give birds mealworms to eat while establishing a clear view to observe foraging and feeding from your window. Mealworms tend to be the supplementary bug of choice. Why? Because they are easy to store at home and are packed with nutrients to keep your feathered friends healthy and strong in the cold.

Encourage bathing and hydration with a DIY birdbath

Providing a reliable and clean water source is a great way to sustain the local bird population. Not only that but turning your garden into the area’s watering hole also grants birdwatchers a unique opportunity to observe the birds bathing and pruning their feathers.

Artificial water sources like birdbaths don’t have to be expensive, but you can invest in a fancy option like a specialized pond to fit the aesthetics of your garden if you need. But as far as the birds are concerned, an inexpensive DIY birdbath will do just fine.

For example, securing an upside-down trash can lid close to the ground using nearby rocks and foliage will prove a sufficient basin. That said, maintaining the cleanliness of the water is essential to continue attracting birds into your garden. This is because you need to ward off and prevent the spread of disease.

When cleaning your birdbath, pond, or water basin, ensure you don’t use any harsh chemicals. Keep things simple by regularly adding fresh clean water, as well as scrubbing the basin free of grime and algae.

It’s the second day of sipping morning coffee  in our new gazebo

The early bird catches the worm (morning is best for birds)

When it comes to birdwatching, the old saying rings true: the early bird catches the worm.

This is particularly relevant when observing the world of birds from your garden window. After all, birds sleep heavy in the dead of night and wake hungry at the break of dawn. They are most vocal in the morning and least active at noon, which means no laying on if you’re serious about spotting the full range of native birdlife, even if it’s from the comfort of home.

Turning your garden into a birdwatching haven is easy. Plus, you can achieve it without sacrificing plans for your own personal outdoor oasis. Simply by providing sufficient food, water, and shelter you can observe the secret world of birds from your back door.

Best quality for the value out there!

Best quality for the value out there!

We are so excited to purchase and build this beautiful 12 x 20 gazebo.

We needed a nice shady spot in our backyard to relax and entertain and this is the whole package – style, space and function.

Our advice – Before installing, READ the instructions, READ the reviews, WATCH the you tube helpful hints videos.

And when they say you need 4 helpers, believe them, you will need 4 strong ones to help raise and set the roof panels.

Best quality for the value out there! In love with our gazebo!

Simply Amazing!

Simply Amazing!

– Here’s a backyard story from Mokena, Illinois.
Simply amazing from start to finish. There are three heavy boxes but with assistance its a breeze.

I highly suggest opening all the boxes and review what is inside and then separate all the types of screws, nuts and bolts in SOLO cups that are marked on their bags, this makes it easy during installation as you will go back and forth with different types of bolts and screws.

Its not hard at all, just make sure that you take your time.

The installation directions are great, well thought of and the material matches the directions like a charm!

Lastly, you will need the four (3) other people to assist with setting the roof, with a little hard work shifting and moving in place it took us approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete the roof.

Now sit back and enjoy what you just built, simply amazing.