A Perfect Addition To Our Backyard

A Perfect Addition To Our Backyard

– Here’s a backyard story from Acworth, GA.
We purchased the 12 x 16 Yardistry Gazebo after doing research online with regard to size, product materials and price and Yardistry was our front runner in all categories.

Our end result exceeded our expectations. I too like many of the reviews were hesitant to receive this item in 3 large boxes and then of course the task of assembly and organization of pieces and parts. Could be an overwhelming task for some.

We were fortunate in our area that Yardistry had a recommendation of an installer of Playsets in our area that could do the assembly for us (of course for a charge, we did assist where necessary to save money).

We felt comfortable hiring this team since they had built over 500 Yardistry structures and were familiar with all the components. Our installers had nothing but rave reviews of the product and all the installs they have completed. Consistent product, hardware and predrilled holes (which you don’t find in most prepackaged goods).

I have included photos of our end result and could not be more pleased. We had a paver patio installed first and did secure the structure to the pavers and concrete supports below the structure as described by Yardistry.

Thank you Yardistry for an excellent product that is exactly as you describe in your detailed information, videos and photos.

It adds so much character to our backyard, love it

It adds so much character to our backyard, love it

– Here’s a backyard story from Quebec City, Canada
This is a really nice piece, (11 x 13 Meridian Gazebo) I’m totally satisfied. 5 Stars for sure.
There’s some minor flaws but for a kit pre-cut/drilled I’m impressed that just those little things.

Everything is well labeled, pre-drilled holes were spot on, fairly easy to install and it adds so much character.
The kit comes in 3 boxes and all the pieces and screws are well labeled. Till you keep your things well sorted, you can’t go wrong and mix things. Keep all the screws in their bag.

2 wood pieces were a little bent, but I’m surprised, for the number of wood pieces that only two were bent. Only one give me some difficulties to screw it right (Roof rafter) I was alone so it was difficult to hold and screw at the same time. But everything finished at the good pace. It’s wood after all, and it can bend. But it’s a thousand time better than small metal post.

I was alone with the assemble the kit and it took me approximately 10-11 hours including 45 minutes in the middle(after 5h) with 2 others to get the frame up and at the end to put the roof on top (1h30)

I used clamps to get everything aligned, especially the roof pieces. Take your time and everything will go as planned. Make the extra step to be sure everything is flush as it can be and it will save you problem later.

Finally it’s a great kit, I’m so glad I purchased it.
If you look for a sturdy gazebo with a natural look, go for it, it’s really a beautiful piece for your backyard.

Awesome Gazebo, I built two and have them side by side

Awesome Gazebo, I built two and have them side by side

– Here’s a backyard story from Ottawa, Canada.
This (Carolina Pavilion) is a fantastic structure. Well built, solid and went together extremely well.

I did have to trim just a 1/4” off of a couple of the gusset supports to get the top holes to line up but that was very minor. I, like others, stained everything before final install.

I built two and have them side by side and joined with two bolts in the main side beam. They are tight together. At the roof seem I ran a 2 1/2” piece of cedar up the seem and used a piece of brown rubber I had lying around as the ridge cap. Absolute no water leakage.

I’d say the install was a 4 person job, particularly the roof panels and moving the two side by side.

I mounted a TV on a motorized flip down and added a couple of panels on the gable end to keep rain out.
I couldn’t be happier. These Yardistry Structures are fantastic. Highly recommended.

What a great addition

What a great addition

– Here’s a backyard we’d like to share from Toronto.
We purchased the counter for our 12 x 20 gazebo which has added yet another substantive piece to this beautiful structure.

The 12ft counter comfortably fits 4 stools, and a stool height of 26” is perfect. We tend to set up here for meals instead of our dining table! Well done Yardistry!

Great quality for the price

Great quality for the price

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Texas.
We purchased the (12 x 12 Pergola) from Costco and are very happy with the purchase. The instructions are easy to follow, and if you get stuck there are videos to walk you through what to do.

The wood is of great quality – a few pieces were a little warped, but overall nothing major. We stained the wood to have it match our house and the wood took the stain without any prep work.

Lastly, we did anchor this down to our flagstone patio (concrete base). Tapcon anchors (3/8”) worked well.

Added A Fan To Our Gazebo

Added A Fan To Our Gazebo

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from New Jersey.

This gazebo fits perfect into my landscaping being it is made of wood. I did not want a gazebo made of metal.

This gazebo is nice and I only wish I had ordered the 12 x 14.

I do recommend this gazebo if your looking for one made out of wood. I did however build and add my own fan to this gazebo which really makes a difference in this hot weather we are experiencing.

*Disclaimer, modifying the original design may void the warranty.

Love The Louvers!

Love The Louvers!

– Here’s a backyard story from Binghamton, NY.
We bought the Wood Room with Louvered Roof last spring, after searching for several years for the right thing to cover our deck.

We wanted something to keep the sun and rain out and not have water flow towards the house when it rained.

This was a perfect fit for us! We can open the louvers to let the sun in, or close them to keep the afternoon sun or rain out.

Also, the gutter system, goes around the whole pergola and flows out the front legs so no water flows by the foundation.


The pergola really has given us the ability to enjoy our deck all year round, even in the rain.

We replaced our old fire-pit with a Gazebo

We replaced our old fire-pit with a Gazebo

So, we wanted to replace our old fire-pit with a Gazebo.

I first purchased one from a different (cheaper) manufacturer mainly due to the fact that Gazebos were out of stock everywhere.

Well, that one was delivered with 2 busted posts which looked like someone drove forklifts through. After returning that one, I found the Yardistry Carolina Pavilion from Solar Town and purchased it. Wow, am I glad I returned the first one and got the Yardistry.

It was delivered, nice and tidy, on a shrink wrapped pallet.
It is VERY well made and sturdy. The instructions are very well scripted and the HELPFUL HINTS video was… well, very helpful.


Take the time and make SURE everything in square.

If I had to pick one “gripe” it would be that a couple of boards came a little warped and made it a little challenging to square the roof panels, but we got it.

My wife and I put this together with a total on 19 hours. Mainly after I came home from work and a friend came over to assist with the roof installation.

In all, we are VERY happy with the Yardistry Carolina Pavilion!

Cheers to a good product, Yardistry !