Still Great After 3 Full Summers

Still Great After 3 Full Summers

Here’s another backyard story we’d like to share from David Garrison, from Carlsbad California.

We installed our 12 x 12 Wood Gazebo With Aluminium Roof over 2 short days with the help of our gardener and helper. The process was well described in the install instructions, and the fit and directions were right on track. I need to reseal the exposed wood now that it has been up for 3 full summers. Pictured below is the gazebo and our backyard deck.


Love My Poolside Pavilion With 2 Bar Counters

Love My Poolside Pavilion With 2 Bar Counters

Another day, another great Yardistry customer story we’d like to share!
Eddie from Riverside California sent us his completed poolside project using a 14 x 12 Wood Pavilion With Aluminum Roof and added 2 Pavilion Bar Counter accessories for this stunning backyard design.

Thanks for the photos Eddie, we also love what you did!
You can follow Eddie on Instagram at impala_eddie

Take a look at Eddie’s backyard and make sure to share his project with your friends that might be interested in creating their own stunning backyard with Yardistry.

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Are You Considering Buying a Gazebo, Pavilion or Pergola?

Are You Considering Buying a Gazebo, Pavilion or Pergola?

Are you considering buying a Gazebo, Pavilion or Pergola? Here’s some things for you to consider.

First off, what’s the difference between a Gazebo, Pavilion and a Pergola?

The main difference between a pergola and a gazebo is the function of the roof. A gazebo and a pavilion provide full coverage from the sun, while a pergola allows for sunlight to shine through its slatted roof. Typically, a pergola provides partial shelter and shade over a garden, pathway, or patio. The criss-crossed wooden roof is an optimal space for plants and vines to climb. Meanwhile, a gazebo is a covered, designated for seating area in the yard that offers more protection from the elements. Once deciding on a Gazebo or Pergola here are some next things to consider.

Who will build it?

You, handyman friends, or hired help?

Are you a DIY’er who is adventurous enough to give it try yourself? Congratulations because this is the most rewarding option. We have carefully detailed instructions to help you along the way, and our support staff is always here for you online 9am – 5pm Mon- Fri. to help you every step of the way if you need it. (check out some of the tools you’ll need) Think of it like a new challenge to master. Are you up for the challenge? 

Keep in mind that nearing the end of the build and when installing the roof you will need 2 extra set of hands, but that’s what handyman friends are for right?!

If you do end up hiring help, you can expect approximately 2 full working days.
If going alone allow yourself 2 full weekends (4 days) just to be on the safe time, but the payout will be worth it.

Here are just a few testimonials about how long some DIY’ers took to build it.

“We purchased our Gazebo from Costco in anticipation of constructing it at a new property. We kept it stored for several months and moved it with us from Bend, OR to Boise, ID. Once we relocated to Boise, we had a concrete slab and other concrete work done as we designed our backyard with the Gazebo in mind. It took two of us approx. 40 man-hours to complete. It was not too difficult but the instructions left us guessing at times.”
– Stan, Boise, ID.

“We have installed the 12×14 Yardistry Gazebo on out expanded back patio area. Due to the incredible quality, fit and finish of the Gazebo, we completely remodelled our back yard so we now have our own little piece of paradise only feet away from our sliding glass door. With the help of my lovely wife, we assembled the Gazebo roof sections in the garage and ultimately erected the structure over the course of a weekend.”
– Mark & Kathy Nicholson, Redding, California

This Gazebo is excellent. The instruction, video and your help desk was super, couldn’t ask for more. I will say this was not an easy task. This project took about 40 to 50 man hours to complete. I’m no Bob the builder, but you need to be handy before attempting this Gazebo challenge. The key to this project is making sure its levelled and that the measurements are on point. The end result is a beautiful Gazebo. Looking forward to a wonderful summer this year.
– Eddy, Staten Island

After getting our gazebo assembled we decided it would be nice to have a counter/bar for serving food as to not clutter up the table when we dine. It was easy to assemble, the directions were very good and we are very satisfied with this purchase and will enjoy it for years to come. FYI: We did have to stain everything to match our Home Owners Associations regulations so that’s why it is darker than shown in the advertising pictures.
– Jay, Reidville, SC


Building Permits & Under Ground Utilities.

The next thing to consider is building permits and any under ground utilities. Check with your local building codes to see if the size of the structure you are looking at is okay to place in your yard. In most cases, if the structure is less than 100 square feet you will not need special permissions, however, it is always better to double check. Some towns require a certain distance between the structure and the road or utility poles, etc. If you are digging to install your foundation, call your local utility company to ensure that you can dig without hitting a water, sewer, or electrical line. Any permanent gazebo structure must have a foundation that has proper water drainage and it must be anchored to concrete footers. If bolting it to your deck, use metal strapping to secure it to the beams of the deck. Since gazebos vary so much in size, design, and assembly, it is best to follow our Instruction Manuals.



Always consider things like rain-fall drainage, location of the sun and where you will provide shade, snow and ice collection and strong winds.

*We recommend applying a water sealant approximately 3 months after assembly and on a yearly basis after that. This will help maintain the wood and protect against weathering. We do not recommend using an oil based product. For more information on this contact our support team.

Your Personal Style.


The best part about owing a Gazebo or Pergola is that it reflects your own personal unique style.

Add a wall for more privacy, a counter, stools and a mosquito mesh for those outdoor game nights.

You can get as creative as you want, remember that not everyone owns a Gazebo “Yet” so you might be the first amongst your friends or neighbours have one. But they will all thank you for the longer enjoyable days and evenings outside. You can read some backyard stories other customers have shared.

Lastly, don’t forget about your an increase in your property value!
A lesser known secret is also how a Gazebo can actually help to increase your property value, you can read more this here.

What A Great Experience From Start To Finish

What A Great Experience

– Another great story we’d like to share from our happy customers.

We first started communicating with the Yardistry team by email and they helped us decide on the right product for our yard.

The support team is super friendly and super helpful.

We were directed to Costco who handle Yardistry products in Canada and in a few clicks on their website online order system and within weeks had our Yardistry Gazebo delivered right to our door. The price, delivered with all taxes was less than 25% of quote for a custom built gazebo, and frankly ours is better made.

We enlisted the help of our neighbour and his sons and within a day and a half our gazebo was up.

The sons are construction tradesman and were blown away with the detailed instructions and exact fitting of all components without fiddling to make things fit.

Today our friends keep commenting on the end product and how cozy our back yard is, particularly when we light up the fire pit.


Well done Yardistry. We are proud to buy Canadian and get such a great product.

Steve and Susan Simpson
Delta British Columbia Canada.


Why Have 1 Gazebo When You Can Have 2

Why Have 1 Gazebo When You Can Have 2

– Another great story we’d like to share from our happy customers.

We purchased our new home after retirement in 2017 and early 2018 and after moving in April 2019 something was missing.

We always enjoyed going in our hot tub over the years and decided to make our back yard a place to spend time all year around so we purchased a hot tub and two of your beautiful Gazebos one for over our new hot tub and one to replace a tattered metal one on our back patio.

Not only do these enhance the beauty of our space it has allowed pretty much all year around entertainment. We have a gas fire pit we use in the patio one as well as a radiant heater for the cooler nights and for the strength of these the pictures of the first two years of snow load can give you an idea.

We also added gutters and that made a wonderful improvement when you have those rainy days the water now doesn’t splash up on the lawn and patio furniture we keep inside all year around.

Thanks Yardistry for such a wonderful product.

Increase Your Property Value With A Gazebo

Increase Your Property Value With A Gazebo

A gazebo or pergola make for a relaxing way to enjoy nature and can be a favourite spot for families to gather outside. They can truly let you experience the nature that surrounds your property in an improve way and for longer periods of time.

Not to mention the beauty of increased property value! 
To add value to your property, install a gazebo that includes seating space, lighting and other furnishings such as a small table and chairs. Having a fully functional gazebo essentially adds one more room to your property.

When new home buyers search for their next home, a beautiful backyard gazebo can be the tipping point that ultimately sells the home. Buyers always try to envision themselves or their family living in the new home and want to see opportunities for personalization, which a backyard Gazebo definitely helps with that.

Gazebos are also incredibly versatile. For some, simply having a gazebo is the perfect addition to an already immaculately- landscaped lawn.

Others have turned it into an outdoor kitchen.

Or place a hot tub under it.

Or add a ceiling fan for those days with no wind.

Or add lights for those late summer evenings.

Or why not watch the big game outside?

Also add a Mosquito Mesh to keep the bugs at bay.

Having a backyard wedding? Your gazebo can be used as a wedding arbor.

A gazebo gives sellers a great way to show potential buyers that there is plenty of opportunity to create their own very personal and unique home. Consider updating your backyard with a Gazebo or Pergola and get a positive return on investment on both your home and your lifestyle.

Thank you Yardistry, our dream backyard has exceeded our expectations!

Thank you Yardistry, our dream backyard has exceeded our expectations!

– Another great story we’d like to share from our happy customers.

My fiancée and I live in a suburban town in northern Connecticut with our two dogs. When we first saw the Yardistry Gazebo we immediately fell in love and knew the structure would be the focal point of our back yard. We ended up purchasing it in the spring of 2019 and couldn’t wait to get it up. Our yard isn’t the flattest and we needed a good level place to put it so we built our own custom 16 x 32 deck at the edge of our property; A bonus being that it overlooks 40 acres of untouched wilderness.

Two friends and I (who are handy but not professional by any means!) built the gazebo in about one day – with a few breaks for pizza and beers, of course! The lumber and hardware came neatly packed and easy to identify. There were no missing parts and I was impressed at how straight forward the directions were to follow. We also added Yardistry’s mosquito mesh to keep us safe from mosquitoes, a piece that has proven to be very effective. 

Our dream backyard has exceeded our expectations thanks to your gazebo. we have spent numerous hours, day and night, on sunny days and rainy (since we are protected from the elements) – enjoying our home getaway!


Before Photos:


After Photos:

Are you interested in sharing your backyard projects with us?
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New Year – New Website

New Year – New Website

Happy new year everyone, we hope you had some wonderful holidays spending it with friends, family and loved ones. Now that 2020 is here, we thought to start it off with a bang re-designing our website to be more user friendly for all of you.
Check it out at:

Some of the key improvements are a fresh (mobile-first) design, a new blog section and more organized product pages so its easier to find the content your looking for. If you’re a returning customer we’d love to hear from you by leaving us a Review of your Yardistry Product. Cheers to 2020 and watch for new products and updates coming soon.