Enjoying our hot tub more than ever now

Enjoying our hot tub more than ever now

– Here’s a backyard story from Peterborough, Ontario.

With the cooler evenings we’ve been in our Hot Tub more often and we wanted some kind of gazebo over it and this seemed like it would be the perfect fit, and it was.

The additional privacy wall was exactly what we were looking to add as well.

We are extremely happy with both the 10 x 10 Gazebo and privacy wall was just an added bonus. Easy to install and shipped really fast. It looks great and blends perfectly with our Hot Tub.


Fabulous Greenhouse

Fabulous Greenhouse

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Mooresville, North Carolina.

I had been looking for a Greenhouse for awhile and was struggling to find a good quality one for a price I could afford!

I needed one that could withstand heavy rain and wind as I am in the south and it can get a bit crazy. But most ones that I found were way out of my price range until my husband found this one at Costco while shopping this summer!

With the help of a few friends we were able to get it put together in one day! I did add a fan mounted above the door with a misting system, ran power and water to inside. So for summer it is perfect! Winter, I am working on getting heaters and bubble wrap to insulate it and use it as a year round greenhouse!

Customer service was amazing and quick to respond about a couple small things that were damaged! I have gotten a ton of compliments from my plant community and I highly recommend this for anyone needing a small, cute, well built greenhouse!

It was the centrepiece of our wedding

It was the centrepiece of our wedding

– Here’s a backyard story from South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.
When planning our wedding we wanted to make every part meaningful to us and our relationship.

My now husband and I met at my parents’ cottage that has been in our family since 1925.

In recent years, the cottage has been turned into a home, but the original fireplace remains outdoors next to our Yardistry 12 x 14 Gazebo (Purchased 5 years ago).

We thought this would make the perfect centrepiece for our wedding day and it absolutely did!

Now the gazebo is even more special for me and my growing family. Thank you Yardistry.

2 Greenhouses in 1

2 Greenhouses in 1

– Here’s a Backyard Story from across the pond in Lancashire, UK 🇬🇧 

I had a foundation that allowed a potential 8ft x 16ft structure.

So having been impressed with my Yardistry 12 x 14 Pavilion, I decided to buy two Greenhouses,

and build them into one larger version.

It all went really well, with a few minor adjustments on the rear walls, and sills, to make it flush.

We also added decorative features on the front.

Really happy with the result.

*Disclaimer, modifying the original design may void the warranty.

2 Gazebos for 2 Decks

2 Gazebos for 2 Decks

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Prescott, WI

I built the 10 x 10 gazebo on the larger deck on our house, and was so pleased with it that I built the 8 x 8 gazebo on the smaller deck.

This provided shade that was missing after we had to cut down trees behind the house.

Materials are of very high quality and the appearance is first rate.

I highly recommend Yardistry gazebos for backyard projects!

One caveat, however – these are not trivial to build so a good set of tools and DYI experience working with wood is highly recommended

– Beware of comments that these were put up in a few hours, especially if you have not built one before and are working on your own to assemble the roof panels.

Also, the larger sizes require either a team of people, or some creativity to get the frame and roof panels in place (my son and I were able to do it, with help from a bracing pole).

But I guarantee that you will be very happy with the final result. They add functionality and value to your home.

Keeps Getting Better Every Year

Keeps Getting Better Every Year

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Georgetown Ontario.
We bought the 12 x 12 gazebo in 2018, added the bar counter and privacy wall in 2020.

I added in black bars under the bar to stop the dogs and kids from running through.

Then made the overhang in 2021.

Great for extra shade as well as sitting out in rain.

Quality is fantastic.

We get a ton of compliments about when entertain in it.

It was and still is an excellent purchase.

A Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Gift 🎁

A Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Gift 🎁

– Here’s a backyard Story we’d like to share from Saint Ignatius, Montana ⛰️

Love our Gazebo! And this is the best gazebo company also!
This is our 41st Wedding Anniversary gift that we selected, and it is simply stunning.
My husband and I put it up in 2 days, and we are in our 70’s.

Piece of cake 🎂 putting it up without any problems.

Yardistry is the best gazebo company and we looked at a lot before deciding on Yardistry, and go very glad we did.
Great Customer Support!

Beautiful Greenhouse 🪴

Beautiful Greenhouse

– Here’s a backyard story from Pacifica, California.

I was so happy when Costco put these online as they sold out of the warehouse almost immediately.

Pictured here is the Cedar Poly Greenhouse

I had someone put it together since I am not handy but he said the directions and video were really good. I love just standing in there smelling the cedar and plan to start growing vegetables 🪴 and herbs 🌿 and orchids 💮!

8 Tips To Creating a Cozy Patio

8 Tips To Creating a Cozy Patio

Written by Kiley Morrow

Your patio is an outdoor slice of heaven for your home. You host parties, spend time with friends and loved ones, and make cherished memories on warm summers long into the night and cool fall evenings as the nights grow shorter.

Pictured here is the Carolina Pavilion

Three-fourths of us enjoy our patios for relaxation, while two-thirds of us socialize with family and friends on our patio regularly.

Make the most out of your outdoor space with these eight tips to creating a cozy patio.


1. Add All-Weather Furniture

All-weather furniture for your patio can be wood, wicker, or metal. Wood or metal must have a protective coating on them to prevent degradation due to rain, cold, and pests. Similarly, outdoor cushions must be made of a material suitable for the outdoors that repels moisture, dries quickly, and prevents mold growth.

Pictured here is the 5 pc Rio Vista Fire Table Chat Set by Tortuga Outdoor

There are all kinds of things you can do with outdoor patio furniture. You can purchase sets of four chairs and a table for dinner parties. Loungers, loveseats, and chairs come in entire ensembles that mimic the layout of your living room for ultimate relaxation on a warm night.

2. Light Up Some Torches

Tiki torches are popular adornments for patios because they provide a natural source of light while adding a romantic ambiance to the setting. The actual torches usually sit on the end of long metal poles that are secure in the ground, and the torches themselves run on a specialized flammable liquid.

As with anything that uses flames, take safety precautions. Have a water source nearby, like a garden hose, in case the wind whips up a spark or two. If the area is too dry from lack of rain, forgo the torches until plants return to their green color.

3. Brighten With Artificial Lights

You have a few options here. String lights have been a popular choice for decades. They create a soft glow around any overhangs or gazebos, or they can weave in and out of your furniture or plants. String lights may remind you of winter holidays, like when you have strings of Christmas lights on your tree. Choose LED string lights to save on energy and replacement costs.

Pictured here is the 12 x 16 Wood Gazebo

Artificial, battery-powered lanterns also add a nice touch. Many models come with a remote control so you can easily turn them off as you head in for the night. Again, LED lanterns will glow the brightest and use the least amount of battery power.

4. Grill, Baby, Grill

Nothing says party on your patio like a grill. Whether you go all-out with a tri-level gas grill, fancy some slow-smoked ribs in your professional-grade smoker, or simply have your old charcoal grill for roasting wieners and burgers, a grill enlivens any patio. Add your culinary skills, and you’ve got a dinner party that can last for hours.

Pictured here is the Backyard Grilling Pavilion

Make sure you clean up any food bits that may drop from your grill onto the patio. This can attract bugs, which will make your outdoor paradise unseemly. You don’t want any uninvited guests at your picnic.

5. Plant Some Life Out There

Outdoor plants enliven any space. Whether you prefer flowering plants, aromatic herbs, miniature palm trees, or pine shrubbery, you have plenty of options.

Pictured here is the 12 x 12 Wood Gazebo

Consider a row of shrubbery to form a natural border with your yard. Potted plants are nice to have as a centerpiece for your table, while larger pots can go in an empty corner of your patio to add a splash of color. Any trees you plant next to your patio will provide shade eventually.

6. Unroll an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs come in any style, shape, size, and color you can think of. Choose one that complements the style of your home, forms a cohesive look with your patio furniture, or creates a splash of color that draws people’s attention.

7. String Up a Hammock

Sometimes, you just want to lay back and relax in the great outdoors. In fact, sleeping outdoors can help your brain rejuvenate, enhance your mood, and help you to handle everyday life more effectively.

String up a hammock on your patio using the two sturdy metal poles that come with it. Then tip your straw hat over your face and take a nice, cozy nap at the wind rocks you to sleep.

8. Protect Your Guests With a Gazebo, Pavilion, or Roofed Structure

The ultimate backyard structures protect you, your family, and your guests from the rain and wind. Install a gazebo, pavilion, or other roofed structure. Sturdy construction, varied materials, and a range of sizes give you many selections based on your space and style.

Pictured here is the 12 x 14 Wood Pavilion

Full shade structures keep you out of the sun and rain while allowing breezes through.

Mesh keeps bugs out, while privacy screens let you have quiet moments or outdoor campouts with a medium-firm mattress.

A heavy-duty structure adds value and beauty to your property while increasing your enjoyment and relaxation. Talk to us about your options for upgrading your patio. You can install a new structure in a day with the right help!