Awesome Gazebo, I built two and have them side by side

– Here’s a backyard story from Ottawa, Canada.
This (Carolina Pavilion) is a fantastic structure. Well built, solid and went together extremely well.

I did have to trim just a 1/4” off of a couple of the gusset supports to get the top holes to line up but that was very minor. I, like others, stained everything before final install.

I built two and have them side by side and joined with two bolts in the main side beam. They are tight together. At the roof seem I ran a 2 1/2” piece of cedar up the seem and used a piece of brown rubber I had lying around as the ridge cap. Absolute no water leakage.

I’d say the install was a 4 person job, particularly the roof panels and moving the two side by side.

I mounted a TV on a motorized flip down and added a couple of panels on the gable end to keep rain out.
I couldn’t be happier. These Yardistry Structures are fantastic. Highly recommended.